LINX or IXP Deployment, EANTC Test results and more

22nd Jun 2018

World first as LINX completes migration to new disaggregated LON2 network model


The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has completed the migration of its LON2 platform to a new disaggregated network model that uses EVPN technology, the first IXP anywhere in the World to do so.

The new LON2 architecture employs EVPN over VXLAN, leaf-spine topology, full automation and is 100G ready. The solution, which uses IP Infusion’s OcNOS™ network operating system and switch hardware from Edgecore Networks, became fully operational on June 5 following an extensive testing, proof of concept, and migration process lasting nearly two years.

“By introducing a disaggregated platform, LINX members will benefit from increased flexibility plus continued value from their investment,” said Richard Petrie, LINX CTO. “The EVPN technology allows LINX to deliver long-term innovative technology to our members, a commitment to ever-greater levels of service quality and to allow us to provide services at a greatly reduced cost base.”

LINX Lead Architect, Flemming Heino, added, “With EVPN everything is programmed. Switches talk to one another, they are synchronised and ultimately more predictable and stable. The system offers many benefits and the flexibility for more features to be added such as multi-homing.”

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Listen to LINX talk about their experience with the Open Networking solution using OcNOS™

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Building a Scalable Internet Exchange Point


With the OcNOS™ networking operating system, you can build a scalable Internet Exchange Point using EVPN with VXLAN.  With the IXP solution, OcNOS™ supports a highly scalable 100G interconnection fabric for connecting multiple distributed locations. We’ve written a solution brief that describes how this IXP solution uses control plane learning using EVPN; network segmentation and virtualization using VXLAN; multihoming for redundancy; ACL/QoS policies for fine-grained control of member traffic; and support for sFlow and management automation.

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Mark your calendar for IP Infusion’s Presentations at Networking Field Day on July 18

IP Infusion will present the specifics behind the LINX IXP solution with LINX and Edgecore, Broadcom technology, and NTT’s state-of-the-art optical technology in its two-hour slot at Networking Field Day.

Networking Field Day is an in-person, and live-streaming event that is held twice per year. The event brings together the best independent thought leaders and companies within the networking space to discuss advancing technology, and core issues surrounding the networking enterprise IT space.

Mark your calendar for July 18 at 1 pm PDT for two hours of livestreamed presentations.

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IP Infusion participates in industry testing; proves OcNOS interoperability with all major vendors

IP Infusion is one of the industry’s top networking vendors who have joined EANTC (European Advanced Networking Test Center) to announce progress in the interoperability of advanced segment routing, Ethernet VPNs, clock synchronization and microwave topics at a live showcase at the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress in Paris. EANTC AG published a white paper with more than 120 successful and reproducible set-ups that depict latest results of the renowned multi-vendor test series. IP Infusion participated in extensive tests at EANTC’s lab in Berlin, Germany.

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We’re participating in industry forums — TIP

In addition to exhibiting at this year’s OCP Summit in Santa Clara and the MPLS SDN NFV show in
Paris, IP Infusion is supporting the ecosystem in a variety of ways. IP Infusion is a member of Telecom
Infra Project (TIP) and under the Open Optical & Packet Transport project group we’re participating
and contributing to Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways and open APIs for the Disaggregated
Transponder projects.

Check out the TIP project group here.