IPI starts licensing VirNOS Virtual Network Platform to Bring NFV to Customers Worldwide

5th Feb 2015

IP Infusion has started licensing its VirNOS™ virtual network platform based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). IP Infusion has been granting licenses to introduce and demonstrate the VirNOS solution to customers seeking network implementation solutions. Prior to this announcement, NEC, who is one of world-leading ICT vendors, had been licensed by IP Infusion to demonstrate VirNOS. IP Infusion and NEC collaboratively and successfully conducted extensive evaluation of the VirNOS software cooperating with NEC’s NFV solutions inclusive of its Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) under multi-vendors’ network environments. NEC and IP Infusion have already been placing NFV evaluations at major telecom carriers globally. “With NEC’s wealth of experience in large-scale network implementation, combined with IP Infusion’s new VirNOS platform, customers can realize how they will be able to offer new network services more readily, and scale services up and down to support their changing business requirements,” said Kiyo Oishi, CEO and president of IP Infusion.

Overview of ZebOS Technology

PacketFront Network Products Selects ZebM (ZebOs Management Plane)

ZebOS® Management Plane (ZebM) has been selected by PacketFront Network Products to bring the next generation of iBOS firmware to the telecommunications market. The ZebM solution provides a software framework and APIs for building on-device management systems for network equipment allows network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to quickly and inexpensively deliver comprehensive management functionality for their networking products.

PacketFront Network Products, which is based in Sweden, provides access switches for broadband and enterprise networks, including network processor enhanced switches which provide flawless IPTV, turbocharged surfing and pure performance for demanding networks. The iBOS operating system is at the heart of PacketFront routers and switches. ZebM will help PacketFront Network Products to bring leading edge functionality to operators seeking to reduce their operational costs and create a more flexible network, whether deployed through SDN or other means. With ZebM, PacketFront products will benefit from a NetConf standards based solution.

Advances in Server Virtualization Provides Better Scalability and Redundancy

Traditional data center networks using leaf-spine topology are based on Client –Server model with majority of the traffic from North to south bound. Recent technical advancements in Server Virtualization and Cloud Computing have improved the server resource usage by supporting multiple virtual machines per node. This resulted in new east – west traffic patterns making redesign of traditional data center networks to provide scalability and redundancy.

In a typical leaf-spine topology, using xSTP to provide loop free topology resulted in under-utilization of redundant links between switches (xSTP blocks the redundant links) and higher convergence time when there is a node/link failure. TRILL and MLAG are considered as alternate solutions which provided better utilization of redundant links while overcoming the other shortcomings of xSTP. TRILL provides optimal pair-wise forwarding, multi-pathing for both unicast and multicast traffic with quick convergence and loop-free path. While MLAG provides multi-homing support and node level redundancy with better utilization of the redundant links in the topology.