IPI announces 18 new Partner Fusion channel partners

10th Jan 2017

Eighteen channel partners have joined IP Infusion’s Partner Fusion channel partner program to distribute the OcNOS™ network operating system to service providers.
These 18 channel partners join Agema Systems, Dell EMC, Edgecore Networks and Interface Masters Technologies who also have partnership and distribution agreements with IP Infusion to sell the OcNOS network operating system.

The new partners in the Partner Fusion program are:

For authorized partners, the Partner Fusion program provides product training, joint marketing, design and pre-sales support for customer use cases, evaluations, discounts based on level of commitment, and access to IP Infusion’s partner portal.

“We welcome our new partners, which span the globe, to our growing list of companies who are selling the OcNOS network operating systems to customers who are demanding disaggregated networks to meet their network system needs,”
said Kiyo Oishi, CEO and president of IP Infusion. “By adding these new 18 channel partners, plus more coming onboard in 2017, IP Infusion will be able to help more end customers to meet their platform growth requirements and to deploy new services more quickly.”

New OcNOS 1.2.4 release supports new chipsets, multi-tenant data center solution

OcNOS 1.2.4, released on December 15, supports new chipsets and a new multi-tenant data center solution based on EVPN-VxLAN. The Dell S6010-ON and S4048-T, which is built upon Broadcom’s new generation Trident2+ chipset family, will support advanced enterprise IP features. Broadcom’s Qumran-based Agema AGC7648 will continue to support basic IP services. Support for Qumran chipset allows users to benefit from its highly scalable QoS, MPLS and increased L3 table size feature set when running OcNOS. It’s an ideal fit for aggregation and access switch for MEF services and also for campus deployments. Combined with OcNOS MPLS Data Center Interconnect, the  EVPN-VXLAN solution is the first end-to-end data center DC open networking solution of its kind in the market. EVPN-VXLAN technology, when applied to data centers, brings the benefits of a Layer-2 scalability with Layer-3 robustness and ability to bridge data centers. EVPN brings about controlled data plane learning, ability to detect MAC movement, duplicity and multi-homing, all using scalable MP-BGP scalable control plane at the background.

Watch Data Center Webinar

Today’s data center operators face many challenges in terms of bandwidth and traffic patterns, CapEx/OpEx minimization, and traffic engineering. The traditional three-tier network architecture is not suited for today’s applications. L3 only design provides network operators the benefits of starting small and scaling as they grow and also helps with operational simplicity and network stability.
IP Infusion’s webinar on Large Scale Data Center Design using L3 BGP and Netconf covers these benefits and more. Hear from the panel of IP Infusion’s experts:

  • Shaji Nathan, Sr. Director, Product Management
  • Srikanth Krishnamohan, Director, Business Development
  • Ajith Adapa, Technical Manager

To listen to the webinar, click here.

Cloud Expo Europe; 2017 Trade Shows

Last month at the Cloud Expo Europe (November 28-29 in Frankfurt) IP Infusion participated with Agema and EPS/Edgecore. At the show IPI demonstrated AG9032 setup with DCIPBASE to show 100G hardware with OcNOS (no Optics) and AS5812 which was setup with DC-MPLS (LINX release) to show 100G hardware with OcNOS. In 2017 we’ll be at various trade shows around the world – US, Europe, Japan, and Asia. Keep up to date on where IPI will be demonstrating by checking our website.