OcNOS at OCP Summit; Industry Support Grows

19th Mar 2018

IP Infusion to showcase OcNOS™ solutions at 2018 OCP Summit

IP Infusion will showcase how their OcNOS™ network operating system can help service providers solve their
networking challenges through a variety of industry-proven solutions, ranging from Internet Exchange Points to
Mobile Backhaul, at the 2018 Open Compute Project (OCP) US Summit to be held on March 20-21 at the San Jose
Convention Center. IP Infusion will be at booth C12.
The OcNOS network operating system is being deployed worldwide in a wide range of networking applications. At
the OCP Summit, IP Infusion will showcase how to solve these networking challenges:

1 . Internet Exchange Point: Solving the peering needs of Internet exchanges with an industry proven

2. Intelligent Edge Aggregation (XGS-PON, NG-PON2): Accelerating the adoption of 10Gbps technology with integrated BNG functionality and pluggable OLT modules for business, backhaul and mass
market residential services for broadband access service providers who need to support the increasing bandwidth needs of customers (residential, business, mobile) at a lower price point.

3. Mobile Backhaul/Cell Site Routing – 5G transition: Overcoming 5G challenges of greater capacity requirements, denser cell-site grids, street level deployments, network virtualization and mission critical applications, whether it’s for mobile broadband, smart vehicles, sensor networks, network slicing, cell site routers or transition to an all-IP backhaul network.

4. Integrated Application Container: Enabling a platform for partners and customers to build applications for network monitoring, analytics and telemetry, third-party element management systems and policy management for intent-based networking.

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IP Infusion and Barefoot Networks Partner to Bring High-Performance P4-Programmable Switching Solution to Market

IP Infusion has entered into a strategic technology partnership with Barefoot Networks. Leveraging P4-programmable Barefoot Tofino Ethernet switch ASIC series, the partnership will create the industry’s most programmable and highest performance 10/25/40/100 Gbps Ethernet switching solution.

IP Infusion OcNOS™ is the industry’s first full-featured network OS for bare metal switches. OcNOS supports network disaggregation not just in data center and DCI but also in other areas such as access, aggregation, enterprise, cell sites and core. Barefoot Deep Insight is the world’s first network monitoring system, providing a ready-to-use production software solution that leverages the full power of Inband Network Telemetry (INT) to garner predictive insights and per-packet visibility into the network infrastructure. It analyzes INT data to detect anomalies in the network including microbursts, congestion problems and load balancing issues.

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New OcNOS™ 1.3.3-2 supports new features

IP Infusion released OcNOS 1.3.3-2, the latest version of the network operating system, which now supports
Provider Bridging with MLAG, this makes it useful as a redundant aggregation device for terminating or back
hauling customer edge devices. OcNOS now supports RPVST+ which allows it to interop with and design STP
domains easily.

Here are the current OcNOS data sheet, product bulletin and application note for your download:

Serbian Open Exchange Deploys OcNOS™

The Serbian Open Exchange (SOX), the leading Serbian Internet exchange, has successfully deployed the OcNOS™
network operating system and Edgecore Networks AS5812-54X open network switch in their Internet Exchange
Point network.

“By leveraging the disaggregated solution with IP Infusion and Edgecore Networks, we will be able to grow our
network infrastructure in the future,” said Dr. Nenad Krajnović, Serbian Open Exchange’s co-owner and chief
technology officer. “We selected IP Infusion’s OcNOS network operating system as an established software base
which proved itself as a properly tailored system for our Internet Exchange Point network.”

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