IP Infusion Announces GA of OcNOS™ Network OS

6th Dec 2015

IP Infusion Announces GA of OcNOS™ Network OS

IP Infusion announced general availability of OcNOS™, the first, full-featured network operating system for data center and enterprise networking. OcNOS™ is a fast, easy and affordable network operating system that allows customers to select the best software and hardware to meet their growing needs as they adopt SDN technologies. OcNOS™ allows customers to keep pace with evolving high performance network needs and to reduce the time to deploy new services, while lowering costs for Enterprise network operations with a modular, disaggregated network operating system.

ZebOS Technology News

IP Infusion Adds Virtual SDN Controller Solution to VirNOS™

IP Infusion has added VirNOS™-C, a virtual SDN controller solution option to its VirNOS operating system based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for carrier and enterprise networks. VirNOS-C allows for faster, flexible deployment of new networking services through Network Functions Virtualization.

IP Infusion’s VirNOS™-C NFV-based software platform provides separation of control plane and data plane, and allows for any white box solution to be used without any dependencies on the control plane. With VirNOS™-C, network operators can reduce their CapEx and OpEx costs, accelerate time-to-market for new services, increase agility, and deploy new network services faster. Carriers, service providers, data center/cloud operators, enterprise operators can select the VirNOS™ Virtual Router Solution along with VirNOS™-C Virtual SDN Controller solution option. The VirNOS™-C solution supports industry standard IPv4 and IPv6 dynamic routing protocols, MPLS related features, dynamic routing/signaling protocols, and OpenFlow controller functions.

IP Infusion Announces GA of ZebOS®-XP Release 1.3

IP Infusion announced the general availability of ZebOS®-XP Release 1.3, a next generation network platform which gives network equipment manufacturers greater scalability, bandwidth scaling, and redundancy in mobile backhaul, carrier transport and data networks.

The ZebOS®-XP network platform provides the networking software foundation to build next generation, high performance, hyperscale networks. Delivering the critical features for next generation networks, IP Infusion’s ZebOS®-XP is designed around SDN-ready attributes including split control plane design, modularity and programmability, high degree of scalability, hardware abstraction to operate on a variety of silicon switching chipsets, and an embedded operating system abstraction to run on a variety of control processors.