Considering NetConf/XML Platform Management?

5th Dec 2014

Contact IP Infusion — We have a flexible solution, called ZebM, which won’t lock you into a competitor.

ZebM, available now, provides a framework and APIs for you to quickly integrate.

Already customer proven in EMEA offering: NetConf, SAF-IMM, SNMP and CLI connectivity.

We have solutions architects, locally in EMEA standing-by help and advise you.

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Overview of ZebOS Technology

VirNOS Virtual Network Platform based on NFV

VirNOS is a virtual network platform based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to help network operators to reduce their CapEx and OpEx costs, accelerate time-tomarket for new services, increase agility, and deploy new network services faster.

Network operators face the challenge of integrating and maintaining a variety of proprietary hardware, while coping with increased energy costs, growing capital investment and space requirements. Many core networking services, including switching, routing, load balancing and VPN, can now be performed by software either running directly on x86-64 servers or running as virtual machines, instead of requiring expensive networking equipment. Therefore IT organizations are migrating networking functions to standard, high-volume server.

IP Infusion Announces ZebOS® Management Plane (ZebM)

ZebOS® Management Planes (ZebM), which allows network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to quickly and inexpensively deliver comprehensive management environments and replacing dedicated network hardware with virtualization software that run on commodity servers. IP Infusion’s VirNOS NFV-based software platform virtualizes network functions to give network operators a cost-effective approach to deploy and manage their networking services. With VirNOS, network functionality for their networking products, is now available. The ZebM solution provides a software framework and APIs for building on-device management systems for network equipment. The emergence of software-defined networking (SDN) is placing increased challenges to NEMs as they work to scale performance to meet increased processing needs and to deliver networking products and network based services to market faster with reduced risk and greater flexibility.

With ZebM, many network equipment vendors without the depth of integration experience and expertise, can now meet today’s tight time-to-market and cost demands.

service development can benefit from:

  • Supports flow switching via OpenFlow for easy deployment of innovative routing and switching protocols
  • Ideal for virtual machines, high-security networks and next generation IP-based mobile networks
  • Uses Intel DPDK to provide programming framework that scales and enables faster development of high speed data packet networking applications
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 dynamic routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, ISIS, Unicast)
  • Leverages mature code base of ZebOS®-XP — IP Infusion’s industry proven platform

ZebM provides framework for building management systems

ZebOS Management Plane (ZebM) Solution provides a framework and APIs for building management systems for a switch or router. It offers two different sets of programmatic APIs, Transactional API also called CML API and Non transactional API (CLI Equivalent programmatic APIs) also called SMI API. The APIs can be easily integrated with any third party management application that would ease the development process thereby reducing the time to market. Management of a third party southbound application can also be integrated with ZebM using its framework.

The solution also provides a set of tools for automatically generating most of the backend code for the management APIs. This would again ease the coding and reduce the effort involved in programming the APIs. ZebM also supports configuration of Linux Based Host Protocols.

Central Management Layer (CML)

CML is a transaction oriented programmatic management interface for managing ZebOS resources. It follows Data Model driven management API. CML APIs allows a group of configuration operations to behave atomically. Data Model approach provides abstraction for managed physical or logical resources. It follows XML schema to describe a managed resource and its properties. CML Solution makes it feasible to deploy any kind of north bound management application for managing ZebOS or any other south bound application.

Simple Management Interface (SMI) 

SMI APIs are C Language APIs for managing ZebOS switching and routing protocols. They are Non transactional APIs which are CLI Equivalent programmatic APIs.

Support for Host Protocols

ZebM Solution Provides CLI/SMI interface to configure the Linux packages on the switch.

  • Provides management plane access to remote SSH/Telnet client using local SSH/Telnet server
  • Enables Authentication based on Linux Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) framework by configuring the Radius, TACACS+, LDAP Configuration files
  • Facilitates starting or stopping or configuring NTP Client, SNMP in Linux from ZebOS