ZebOS Network Platform

IP Infusion is the de facto standard for software-defined networking.

The networking industry is changing, moving away from the hardware dominated solutions of the early 21st century to a network defined by software platforms. This change is necessary as the industry innovates at breakneck speeds to accommodate billions of new mobile users, the advent of Big Data, and the emergence of IT as a service. The wide spread availability of commercial networking chipsets changes the economics of the network, driving commoditization of hardware and the emergence of software-defined networking (SDN). IP Infusion is at the core of this networking revolution.

The emergence of cloud computing and network virtualization introduces new requirements to innovate at software speeds. In cloud computing and network virtualization, the challenge is to remove the network as a bottleneck to ubiquitous computing.

ZebOS Network PlatformIP Infusion addresses these challenges with an SDN architecture that features:

  • Split Control Plane design
  • Modularity and programmability
  • High degree of scalability
  • Hardware abstraction to operate on a variety of silicon switching chipsets
  • Embedded operating system (OS) abstraction to run on a variety of control processors

For more than a decade IP Infusion has provided the ZebOS software-based routing and switching platform used in mission-critical networks in mobile backhaul, carrier transport, and data center networks.

The ZebOS Network Platform has been built upon an SDN Architecture and includes hardware and embedded OS software abstraction layers to enable communication with the underlying operating system or network processor for forwarding table updates.

The ZebOS Network Platform supports more than 200 routing and switching protocols. ZebOS provides a modular architecture, allowing you to select and integrate only the protocols you need. Each protocol module is a separate process having its own address space and stack. This isolates issues with one protocol module from all others. Another benefit is the ability to readily add a customized protocol module to address specific needs.

The ZebOS Network Platform provides configuration management APIs for the integration of external management solutions with ZebOS. This abstraction layer is provided at multiple layers (CLI/SNMP interface specific APIs, System Management Interface SMI APIs, and ZebOS internal C APIs).

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