Hardware Integration Software

Advances in silicon and integration with the highly modular and portable ZebOS network software platform have led to changes in how network equipment is developed. These factors have also led to the emergence of software-defined networking (SDN), moving from a hardware-dominated development environment to one driven by software, speed, and agility.

High-performance networking equipment with silicon that can deliver the performance and scale required by today’s carrier and data center networks requires robust and tightly integrated control plane software. The system integration software market has not kept pace with the developments in commercial silicon.

IP Infusion’s Advanced Hardware Integration Software (AHIS) is the first solution to provide a scalable, hardware-independent architecture that enables you to efficiently incorporate networking capabilities into you communications product.

As you transition to SDN, you need a control plane architecture that can isolate hardware development from software development and allow rapid portability of new networking services across a wide-range of silicon. IP Infusion’s AHIS enables you to accelerate your transition to SDN by enabling developers to develop, integrate, and test the target platform while the actual hardware system is still under development.

AHIS enables the separation of hardware development from software development through the ZebOS Abstraction Layer, which isolates all of the hardware and operating system specific interactions into a small set of well-defined function calls for the control plane. This enables you to easily move from one switching chipset and/or operating system to another, reducing both time to market and development costs. Read more...

To help further reduce the amount of development required and accelerate system integration by at least three months, we have already integrated the control plane with the reference designs of the popular chip sets in the networking industry:

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